Based out of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, AstrusLabs was founded in 2013, and aims at the Hi-Fi and DIY audio niche. Much work is being done right to cram some pretty fancy electronics into some pretty small mint tins. At the moment, I have just one product: a breakout board for the TPA6120A2 Hi-Fi OpAmp. But plans for Headphone Amps, USB DACs, and Kits are in the works. More to come later.

Who is AstrusLabs?
AstrusLabs is just me: Spoonless Corey. “Spoonless” being an online handle I picked up way back when the movie The Matrix was new and popular, and “Corey” my real name. I’m an engineering student and avid music lover. If you would like to find out more about me, check out my blog at

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